Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Snowboarding Tips and Experiences - Finding Your Stance

Goofy or Regular!?
So before you start snowboarding you have to workout whether you are Goofy or Regular stance. Goofy is the name given to people who ride with their right foot forward whilst Regular stance is given to people who ride with their left foot forward. Regular is most common within the sport. These stances are also given in other sports such as skateboarding, surfing and wake boarding (most sports that involve a board) ect. 

Fact - I am Goofy footed as I find it more comfortable whilst my Identical Twin Sister is Regular     footed 
Tip - When deciding which stance you are remember that it's the one you find most comfortable. And  it's best to try both to find out which one suits you best 

This is a picture of when I went snowboarding last year my sister and dad are both regular whilst I am goofy stance - (I'm in the pink!) ^^^^^^^^

Finding your stance (footness) 

Try sliding across a laminate or wooden floor (something with a slippery surface) the foot that is in front is your leading foot. 

Other techniques may include 
Get a friend to push you from behind which ever foot you put down to catch yourself with will be your leading foot. 
Stand with you feet hip width apart and take a step as if you were going to walk across the room the foot that you step forward with first will be the foot that will go in the tailside binding.

Have fun snowboarding, skateboarding or surfing and remember practise makes perfect! And what ever you do don't give up! :)